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This natural paradise, in 1977, was officially recognized and designated by the UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve because it contains the best existing example of biodiversity in a protected area of Rainforest, as well as endemic areas of Cloudforest.


In Manu, we have the opportunity to observe a variety of animals in their natural habitats, including: Giant River Otters (Ptenorura brasiliensis), Black Caiman (Melanosuchus niger), the majestic Jaguar (Panthera onca), the strange Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus), the Tapir (Tapirus terrestris), the Ocelot (Felis pardalis), 13 species of primates, and an estimated one thousand species of birds including seven Macaws (Ara spp). Manu also contains 10% of the world´s vascular plant species, including several species of figs and palms, as well as countless species of medicinal plants that scientists are currently listed.






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DAY 1: Cusco Cloud Forest- Jungle Lodge


We travel for around 09 hours bus trip (with stops) from Cusco ascending to the high mountain area. After a short stop in Ninamarca, to see the pre-Inca cemetery, and Paucartambo village, we descend the eastern slopes of the Andes through cloud forest with lush vegetation (ferns, orchids, bromeliads etc.) to the lowland rain forest on the Madre de Dios River. You will enjoy spectacular views of the Andes and can see wildlife such as our national bird, the Cock of the Rocks (Rupicola peruviana), brilliantly colored Tanagers, Quetzals and Hummingbirds. In the afternoon we arrive to Atalaya (500m), from here it is only 15 minutes by boat to our Rio de Oro Lodge (double rooms). Optional night walks.


It is possible to spend the first night in a Lodge in the cloud forest.


Meals – Lunch,Dinner,Snacks


DAY 2: Jungle lodge  -  Maquisapayoj


 Early start to visit the small parrot clay lick 10 minutes downstream. After observing parrots, parakeets and small macaws (Chestnut fronted Macaw and the rare Blue headed Macaw) we have breakfast and continue for a 7 to 8 hour journey in a 15-meter motorized canoe down the Alto Madre de Dios River. Today we enjoy the changing landscape and have the opportunity to see wildlife along the rocky banks of the river, such as Fascinated Tiger Herons, Purplish Jays, Skimmers, Vultures, caimans and some of the 13 species of monkeys that live in Manu. On the way we stop in Boca Manu to visit the village. In the afternoon we arrive to Maquisapayoj Lodge (place of the Black Spider Monkey). The night is spent in rooms with private bath in Maquisapayoj. Optional night walk (to see insects, frogs, snakes etc.) or night on the platform at the Mammal Salt Lick.


Meals – Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Snacks


DAY 3 : Macaw Clay Lick  - Camungo Lake


Early in the morning we take the boat to the big Macaw Clay Lick in Blanquillo. From the blind we can observe flocks of macaws (Ara chloroptera, - macao), parrots and parakeets congregating to eat the clay, which is essential for their digestion. Breakfast at the blind. Later we explore some of the trails in Blanquillo to see more species of monkeys and birds. After lunch we visit Camungo oxbow lake: we take a wooden catamaran to observe Giant River Otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) and different varieties of birds. Afterwards we walk though the forest to the opportunity to climb a 42 m tower to get a great canopy view and observe birds, e.g. toucans. In the afternoon we walk back to the river and we travel upriver for one hour to return to Maquisapayoj. From the river we walk about 1 ½ hours through primary rain forest to the Mammal Salt Lick, where we spend the night on an elevated platform (with mats and mosquito nets) to observe tapirs or other mammals during the night. If you prefer you can spend the night in double rooms at the Lodge close to the river.


Meals – Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Snacks


DAY 4: Blanquillo Lake - Exploring Maquisapayoj


At dawn we return to the lodge to have breakfast. Afterwards we travel downriver for about 40 minutes to visit ´Cocha Blanco (Blanco lake). We take a wooden catamaran to explore the oxbow-lake and look for the family of Giant River Otters that lives here. We enjoy the beautiful setting at the lake and can also see monkeys (e.g. Red Howler Monkey), caimans and different varieties of birds.


Later we explore other trails around Maquisapayoj looking for Black Spider and Red Howler Monkeys, White and Brown Capuchin, Emperor and Saddle backed Tamarin, Monk Saki monkey, Pavonine Quetzal, Manakins and other birds. The guide will also explain about some plants, ants etc. We can go fishing in the afternoon. The night is spent at Maquisapayoj, either on the tapir platform again or at the Lodge.


Meals – Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Snacks


DAY 5: Colorado - Cusco


We have breakfast at the lodge. Afterwards we take the boat from Blanquillo to Colorado (2 hours 20 min.), from where we take a car to Puerto Carlos (1 hour). We cross Rio Inambari (20 min.) and from the small town of Santa Rosa we continue with our private van to drive back to Cusco, arrival around 8:30 pm. Transfer to your hotel.


Meals – Breakfast





The Cultural Zone is one of the three areas of the Manu Biosphere Reserve and is a transition zone between the Andes and the Jungle. There are Montains, a Cloudforest and a part of the Jungle. In this area it is possible to see small hamlets, settlers and Native Communities who dedicate their time to productive activities like agriculture or pruning but in a smaller scale, thanks to the control of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Park authorities. The purpose of this controlled area is to protect the Reserved Zone. That is why it is also called "Transition Zone" or "Multi-use Zone".

For a deeper experience in the jungle we recommend you to make an excursion into the Reserved Zone of Manu.


We recommend the tour in the Cultural Zone for those who have few time (4 days) and who want to visit the Peruvian jungle and take advantage of the nice landscapes and the various ecosystems. You will also have the opportunity to practice Adventure Sports like Mountain biking, Rafting (level I - II) and Canopying. On the other hand, the Wildlife in the Cultural Zone is less impressive than in the Reserved Zone. The main wildlife in the cultural area consists of minor mammals and birds.




The Cusco office is equipped with Radio Communication. Communication on the journey is by radio and we are in constant communication with the four Radio Bases in the Jungle. Emergency service is always close by, following each step of the group's trip to supply us with our essential needs.

One of the main reasons why our tour operator is considered a Jungle Specialist is because of our emphasis on safety. We provide our own transportation, both boats for the river and specialized overland vehicles for the road.

Guides are very important part of your trip because they help you understand all about the rainforest, the interrelations between the plants and animals and the importance of conserving this natural ecosystem. There are biologists, anthropologists and rainforest specialists amongst the staff.


It Is Included:

•  Transfers In/out

•  Naturalist guide

•  Transportation Cusco/Atalaya/Cusco by private bus

•  Transportation by private boat: Atalaya to jungle Lodge

•  Excursions mentioned in the programme

•  Overnights in our jungle Lodges

•  Water at any time and warm drinks or lemonades with meals

•  Guide book for rainforest of Manu - Talking About Manu

•  Professional  Tour Guide

•  Assistant Tour Guide for group of 10 people

•  Professional Cook and asistants

•  Food 4 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 4 Afternoon Snacks and 4 Dinners. If you have a dietary request such as vegetarian food please let us know.

•  Vegetarian food Option

•  Oxygen bottle, First aid kit

•  Entrance tickets for the reserve

•  Transportation by boat

•  Adventure activities


It Is Not Included:

• Personal trekking gear, tips to guide and support staff, city services.

• First breakfast (first day) is normally provided at your hotel before leaving.

• Last lunch at the end of the tour on 4th Day

• Airport taxes.


We recommend to take:

• Trekking day pack with a change of clothes for the whole period of the trek.

• Rain gear (jacket and pants if available) or rain poncho.

• Strong footwear, waterproof trekking boots recommended.

• Sandals or plastic slip on thongs are also good to give your feet a chance to breath

• Warm clothes, including jacket, fleeces, gloves, scarf. Thermal clothing is also recommended, especially for sleeping.

• Sleeping bag (we can hire these to you)

• Torch/ Flashlight and spare batteries

• Camera, films and batteries (batteries consume more quickly under cold conditions)

• Hat or cap to protect you from the sun, rain and cold

• Sun block cream

• After-sun cream or hydrating cream for face and body

• Insect repellent - minimum recommended 30% DEET - although no malaria risk has been reported

• Toilet paper, pack in & pack out

• Snacks: biscuits, energy bars, chocolate, raw fruits, muesli, etc.

• Non-disposable canteen (Nalgene type) and water for the first morning.

• We advise you to bring water sterilizing tablets in case you collect water from streams.

• Your own medical kit with any special medications.

• Small towel or sarong

• Bathers/swimsuit (if you intend on swimming in hot springs )

• Cash - sufficient for snacks, tips and souvenirs.

• Original passport & ISIC (International Student Identity Card) if you have one.

• Walking sticks or poles (we can hire these to you. Please note poles with metal tips cannot be carried into Machu Picchu and should be left at your hotel on the final day)

• Binoculars.








Type of tour        :    Birdwatching, Ecological

Duration              :    5 Days - 4 Nights

Starting Point      :    Iquitos

Ending Point       :    Iquitos

Price                   :    $750.00



GROUP SERVICE: (02 to 08 People Max): Our most popular Manu reserve tours. It is recommended for everybody who like the Nature,wildlife, adventure. For Families, Honeymooners and Couples.


PRIVATE SERVICE: Special Amazon programs just for you, and you can depart any day you wish and choose the group size, we don´t add any people, is arranged just for you.




Normal Price $750.00







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