Ica is a city in south-central Peru, capital of the department of Ica, located in the narrow valley formed by the IcaRiver, between the Grand Tablazo of Ica and the western slopes of the Andes.

Its main attractions are:


Huacachina Lagoon a traditional place for walking and recreation in Ica, and must-see spot for foreigners.

Huacachina Lagoon is one of the few natural oasis in the country




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We will visit the city’s highlights, such as the traditional Bodegas or Vineyards where the local people produce the famous Pisco (a grape brandy), the Regional Museum and the beautiful oasis of La Huacachina.


Our excursion begins at 9:00 AM; we will pick up you from their hotel by our local guide. Afterwards, we will aboard our private transport, and will start our visit at the Vineyards of Pisco. At the bodegas, as they are locally known, we will do a nice walking tour exploring with our guide the places where this delicious Peruvian drink is made. According to history this Brandy-like liquor was made since 1540 in Peru, and at this time it was known simply as a spirit drink, it was not till the XVII century that the grape brandy was baptized as Pisco.


It is said that when the Incas arrived in this area around 1450th, they saw millions of sea birds at shore of the Pacific Ocean, near the bay of Paracas and they were so amazed, that they baptized the area with the name of Pisco, a Quechua word that means “bird”. Here we will learn more details about this popular drink, visiting the whole vineyard, its main tasting room and chatting with the Pisco makers. Later on, we will visit the Regional Museum of Ica, an interesting building that houses the remains of the ancient cultures that developed on the southern coast. We will start our visit, walking through the pre-Inca rooms, which display fine textiles from the Paracas people, wonderful pieces from the Nazca culture, featuring amazing musical instruments and great pictures of the Nazca Lines. Here we will also see some spectacular weapons and would carvings from the Wari Empire, Ica Chincha and Inca culture.


On the other side of the Museum, we will visit the anthropological room, which exhibits human remains from the same cultures mentioned above, featuring deformed skulls, cranial surgery practiced on ancient Peruvians, beautiful head-dresses, well preserve mummies, including babies and trophy heads. Afterwards we will drive southwest towards the Oasis of La Huacachina, a lagoon surrounded by palm trees and huge san dunes. Here our clients will be able to have lunch around this beautiful lagoon, and climb one of sand dunes to practice one the ultimate sports in our country “Sand boarding”.



It Is Included:

  • Pick up from your hotel .
  • Private transportation.
  • Visit vineyards of Pisco.
  • Guided visit to the Archaeological Museum of Ica.
  • Visit Oasis of Huacachina.
  • All entrance fees.
  • English speaking guide.


It Is Not Included:

  • Soft drinks, soda or bottled mineral water
  • Snacks.
  • Tips


We recommend to take:

  • Extra money in Soles
  • Sun hat
  • Sun block protection cream
  • Waterproof jacket/rain poncho
  • Water
  • Camera and films



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